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Photo Album


The first time he prays as bishop

His Holiness putting his hand on him during his ordination as bishop

His first visit to Damiette after becoming a bishop

Infront of his private cell in Suryan Monastery

With St. Sidhom Bishay

With St. Sidhom Bishay

In the church of the nuns during the prayers of Great Saturday Eve

In the church of Archangel Michael in the nuns building


Transmitting the relics of St. Athanasius

to his Shrine at St. Mark Cathedral - Abbassyia -Cairo

The procession of transmitting the relics to St. Athanasius to his shrine at the abbassyia cathedral of St. Mark

Metropolitan Bishoy carrying the relics of St. Athanasius during the procession

Their Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Mar Zaka I of Antioch, Aram I of the Armenians of the house of Cilicia during the procession

The three heads of the oriental orthodox churches in the Middle East in the shrine of St. Athanasius

At the shrine of St. Athanasius where the relics were places


With Patriarchs

With the late Catholicos Karakeen I of all Armenians

With the late Catholicos Karakeen I of all Armenians

With His Holiness Mar Ignatius Zaka I of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

With His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Abouna Philipos I of Eriteria and some members of both holy synods

Speaking in the presence of 6 heads of churches

With His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, H.G. Bishop Youannis in the Bishopric at St. Demiana's Monastery

With His Holiness Pope Shenouda III during the celebration of the ordination of the first Eritrean Patriarch

With the late His Holiness Abouna Philipos of Eritrea


During Ecumenical Work


In the Armenian Cathedral at Etchimiadzin

In Syria during the meetings of WCC Special Commission of Orthodox Participation

WCC Faith and Order meeting 2001 in the presence of the Patriarch of Moscow

Advisory Group for Church & Ecumenical Relations, Geneva

First meeting of the joint commission for the dialogue with the Russian Church in presence of their Patriarch 2001

Faith & Order commission

Cairo June 2008



With Bishops

During the celebration of his jubilee as bishop with the presence of H.G.Bishop Sarabramon and H.G.Bishop Benjamin

With H.E. Metropolitan Abraham of Jerusalem at Jordan

With H.G. Bishop Moussa and H.G. Raphael at the monastery of St. Demiana 1998

With H.E. Metropolitan Bachomius and H.G. Bishop Tawadros in St. Demiana's Monastery 1998

With H.G. Bishop Moussa at the roof of the nuns building at St. Demiana's Monastery

Some members of the Holy Synod who came to the monastery of St. Demiana to attend the celebration of the Jubilee


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