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Born 19th July, 1942 in the name Makram Eskander Nicola. He completed his senior school in 1958 and entered the Faculty of Engineering (Mechanics) 1959 in Alexandria. In 1963 he graduated with a Bachelor Degree at the age of 21 years and took honors in becoming an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering. Before leaving the world to become a monk, he decided to complete his Masterís Degree in Mechanical Engineering which he received on 28th May 1968. Two days after the Facultyís agreement of his Masterís Degree he left on the day of Ascension (30th May 1968) to become a monk in the Deir Al-Sourian.

Before leaving to go to the monastery he was pressured to become a married priest in Damiette, Egypt but he refused. He was also offered to study and complete his Doctorate abroad which he refused

 Monastic Profile:

 On 16th February 1969 he became Monk Thoma El-Souriani in Monastery of the Virgin which is famous by the name Deir El-Souriani. Against his will, he was ordained a priest on Palm Sunday 1970, as he did not desire any priestly rank in the monastery. He was later ordained a hegoman priest on 17th August, 1972. On 24th September 1972 he was enthroned against his will as the Bishop of Damiette, Kafr El-Shiek and the Monastery of Saint Demiana, Barrari, Belkas. On Sunday, 2 September 1990 His Grace Bishop Bishoy was ordained Metropolitan in the Cathedral of Saint Athanasius the Apostle at Damanhur and has also been the Secretary of the Holy Synod since 1985 until today.


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